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  (TonyK) 3G-Sports
TonyK and 3G-Sports Vegas Handicapper Tony Karpinski is the leading sports handicapper in the world. During his professional run, Tony continues his consistent returns to his clients by stressing two major principles to sports gambling: research and discipline. He analyzes matchups with emphasizes game-specific detail, trends and current odds. At VegasTopDogs you will have exclusive access to the selections of one of the top sports gamblers in the world.

TonyK (3G-Sports) has won several handicapping contests especially in football and basketball, as he finished in the top 10 in the renowned NFL Las Vegas Hilton $500,000. Super Book Contest. TonyK is the former odds-maker at PicksPal and has several SportsNow Handicapping Contests Wins (baseball, football, hockey, and basketball) and at the Sports Monitor, which have made him a sought-after expert

The Nation's most well known Handicapper

Handicapping sporting events successfully requires a huge time commitment and unwavering dedication. I determine the viability of teams by studying game action, box scores, personnel, coaches, stats, trends, past history, game conditions and current strengths and weaknesses to create the most comprehensive picture of likely outcomes.<.

If you're looking for a consistent winner

you owe it yourself to check out TonyK and 3G-Sports today!

  Tony Acosta

"The best kept secret in Sports Investing"

Tony has led a very successful Betting Syndicate down in Costa Rica for the last 13 years. Tony's Syndicate friends have decided to allow him to share some of those winners with us on this site. Tony will be bringing us the high percentage plays that his closed group has profited from for over 13 years. Will he win them all? No, but don't believe anyone that says they can win 75% or better long term.

Tony wins more than he loses.

"You can take that to the Bank!!"
  Michael Black
Mike Black is putting you in the BLACK handicapper" He has been picking winners for years now, and wants you to experience a ride on the money train with him. After 9 years of picks to private clients, he enters his 10th year going public. Coming up with his own "Winning formula", he has found a way to put the odds completely in your favor. Through crunching numbers, getting insider information, and constantly researching line movements and where the money is, Mike Black has become one of the best in the game. Short-term investment expert!

Mr Black puts all his customers in the BLACK and is considered by many to be one of the best sports handicappers within the past couple years, and his results prove this. Last year, he made his COLLEGE AND NFL dime bettors $59,220. Growing up in Dallas, Mike got involved in sports gambling, and enjoyed the company of gamblers and bookmakers alike.

He's out on his own, and wants to make a winner of YOU!

  Terron Chapman

Terron Chapman was the lead handicapper at Pupsnchalk sports and is backed by years of handicapping experience. He brings a winning attitiude and approach to work with him daily. To keep pace with oddsmakers daily adjustments requires both hard work and a commitment to winning. Terron sets his own line and compares it to that of the oddsmakers, never betting against his own numbers. He uses statistical and fundamental but leans on situational analysis along with adjusted daily power ratings to stay ahead of the curve. For winning advice that has proven to provide long term profits, Terron Chapman is your choice.

  Tony Corleone
Tony Corleone has been handicapping sports successfully for the past 12 years. He has an excellent repertoire and has experience in all sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF). He is here to provide his customers with winning picks at high percentages. Tony Corleone is considered by many to be one of the best sports handicappers in the country and his results prove this. Here are some of his results over the last 4 years: (All wagers based on $100/game)

All Leagues

2014: 475-363-30 +$8391

2013: 919-760-46 +$12412

2012:1252-1090-35 +$8308

2011: 2021-1623-76 +$7485

  Baltimore South Crew

Tired of trying to figure out which team or total to invest in? Tired of bad weekends where you end up spending your Sunday's chasing losses from the day before? What if someone else did the winning for you? What if someone else processed all the information, the trends, the analytics, and everything else it requires to win at sports betting?

That's where the Baltimore South Crew comes in. Our team of experts, all of whom have college degrees with statistical backgrounds, understand what kind of commitment it takes to become a winner. We put in countless hours of time and hard work and make all the necessary adjustments needed in order to make sure you come out a winner.

In 2014, our $100 per game clients won OVER $16,000!!!

So, if you're tired of handicapping services that claim to have "unnamed sources" or "Lock of the Year" plays, then the Baltimore South Crew is your handicapping solution.

  Chase Diamond
Chase Diamond began handicapping professionally in 1996 back then it was a email base business and being fresh out of school it was more part time then it was full time. But times have changed literally from the time he wakes up at 630 am until he closes down shop at 11pm he works on handicapping around the clock.Chase started out working for others behind the scenes at many offshore books and then with a few major websites. He then decided to start his own sports investment service. He has become one of the top sports handicappers on the internet winning many major top ten handicapping awards. In 2012 he won MLB handicapper of the year posting a 205-150 record for a 58% win percentage and a profit for clients of over $14,170 dollars. In 2013 Baseball Chase is did more of the same with a record of 288-225 57% and a profit of over $11,850 dollars he’s looking to repeat his award. In 2011 in college football we posted a 75-55 58% win record for the season. In 2012 in college football he posted a profit of the year award bringing in more than $6,600 for clients. 2012-2013 Season in the NBA was very profitable for Chase Diamond clients as he went 129-103 56% for a profit of over 15,590 dollars.NFL numbers for 2013 season 66-43 60% +16,120 dollars #3 Ranked NFL Handicapper. We closed out the 2013-14 NBA Season with a record of 156-115 58% +24,590.Handicapping sporting events today takes a huge time commitment and unwavering dedication to success. Chase determines the viability of teams by studying game action, box scores, personnel, coaches,stats,trends,past history, game conditions and weaknesses to create the most comprehensive prediction of that game’s outcome. Chase loves to zero in on just the right underdog, and dislikes being on heavy public favorite teams.Sports handicapping is a formula of putting together as many winning trends and edges as possible to allow for the best chance of winning in this industry. Chase came up with a personal slogan for his clients that’s simple: “Trust in Chase Diamond”- and it couldn’t hold anymore truth because thousands of clients trust in Chase every day to bring them home a nice profit.Games are rated on the scale below and I recommend betting 100 dollars per unit for big bettors and 10 dollars per unit for the smaller guys. 20* Top Play 15* Very Strong Play 10* Big Lean. Below are some of my more recent sports handicapping records.
  AC Dinero
AC has been handicapping football and basketball for over 20 years. He created this website in 2012 with the premise of offering high value at an affordable price. You shouldn't have to break the bank in order to get a full season's worth of good, honest sports picks analysis. Not everyone bets $500 - $1,000 per game. He views sporting events as investment opportunities and takes an approach to handicapping as a money manager would to a stock portfolio, using sound fundamental and money management techniques that incorporate each selection in terms of the entire bankroll, thus the slogan "The Sports Investor". He has one set of plays using the "unit" system. Most picks are 1 Unit with approximately 15 - 20% at 2 Units, and plays everyone of them himself. If you lose, he loses too. Fortunately, that doesn't happen often, as he has shown a profit over the past 2 football seasons. No triple diamond, 1000 star play of the decade, or any other gimmicks that promise unrealistic expectations you will find at many other places. He has posted in several sports forums and is monitored by an independent service. He is also the author of "The Winning Edge", which covers the fundamentals of football and basketball, money management, and tips for selecting a handicapper, as well as several articles involving the sports investment industry.
  Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez handicapper

Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez Las Vegas veteran handicapperJorge Gonzalez is one of the most respected handicappers in the industry. A documented champion in both college football and the NBA, Jorge excels down the stretch and into the playoffs in football, basketball and baseball. In 2007 Jorge was a Semi-Finalist in the Leroy’s $160,000 Money Talks Invitational. .

19 years of experience of beating the sportsbooks

Jorge burst onto the scene in 2001 and has collected five documented number No. 1 titles and numerous top 10 finishes. Few can match the hot streaks that "The Vegas Kid" has engineered. Jorge won the Ultimate handicapping Challenge in 2003 racking up +8660 units. In 2005 Jorge capitalized on the NBA with a +50 unit season hitting almost 60% of his selections.

Known for his thorough research and making bold predictions

Don't let this opportunity pass you by with Jorge Gonzalez and start cashing NOW >

  Brian Hay
Brian Hay
CEO of Prophet Plays

Brian has decided to take his plays public after years of being only available to private clients. Customers can find all his releases in MLB, Pro and College Football, and Pro and College Basketball right here.

Brian offers you over 20 years of professional sports gambling experience. Brian uses the perfect blend of emotional, statistical, technical, and match up analysis to make every play before he releases them to his customers.

Brian's customers will always get experience, professionalism, and a top notch effort. He believes in a long term approach to sports gambling.

Sports betting is a marathon not a sprint. There are no get-rich quick schemes. Any game can and will lose in almost unimaginable ways. No matter how great a handicapper is, there will be losing days. If you believe in "Fixed Games", "Inside Information", and 80% to 90% winners for a season, you need to put a sports schedule under your pillow every night and let the Tooth Fairy fill in your winners, you already live in "LA LA LAND".

You will have to maintain self discipline...meaning you have to stick to your plan. Brian knows that by sticking to tried and true handicapping techniques he and his clients will be well ahead by the end of each season.

His plays are rated 10*-15*-20*-25*.

Brian's 25* play is without question the strongest release you will ever be able to purchase.
This is one of the most sought after plays in sports wagering!.

  Sean Higgs
Sean Higgs has been crushing 'The Man' since the early '90s. If you are trying to beat the sportsbooks with stats, trends, and angles you are not going to have a lot of success if you do not know how to apply them. That is Sean Higgs' specialty. If you follow Sean's advice by playing his selections you are going to find yourself making a decent second income from gambling.

Vegas' Best Handicapping Secret

He doesn't place bets just because a game is on TV or invovles high profile teams. He shoots for value. If you are working full-time, have a family, or have other interests then you can't possibly put in the time required to win at sports-betting .

Consistant Winning Record

Year in, and Year out, 'Mr. Money' grinds out a profit. Higgs isn't in this for the thrill of some big wins, Sean wins consistantly, throughout the year.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, hop on board with Sean Higgs and start cashing NOW

  Kyle Hunter
Kyle Hunter is a handicapper with a great amount of experience breaking down the game in every single manner possible. A degree in finance and a great ability to follow important trends and statistics set him apart from the rest. The data and the trends are your friend and Kyle knows how to use them. In 2010, Kyle finished in the top spot out of 75 handicappers in an annual handicapping contest. Bettors who wagered $1,000 on every single release of his in 2010 finished with a profit of $93,000 for the year! Totals are Kyle's specialty, so look for a lot of winning totals picks from NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and the NFL.
  TJ Masterline
Mr. Masterline has been an advantage player for over 38 years. He started booking bets in junior high school and has never looked back. During this time, it has cost him no divorces, defaults, or detrimental outcomes. That is because he picks winners! He has many different strategies, but at the top of the list is identifying odds maker's errors, normally a couple a day. He's worked behind the scenes for a number of years giving picks to the same "Experts" you were likely paying. Mr. Masterline knows winning is not the result of luck or jinxes, just solid analysis and selection. He has been known to find action in all of the major sports, and even tossing in some NASCAR, PGA, and propositional wagers as well. "Nothing excites me more than finding mistakes in the lines." If you'd have been with me last week, you'd be up by now!
  World Wide Sports

Won the coveted Title of #1 Overall Handicapper, banking $33,259 for his $100 Clients in 2014. A few other accolades of this record shattering year saw World Wide Sports end 2014 as the....

#1 MLB Handicapper (55% +$8048)
#1 NCAAB Handicapper (56% +$4651)
#1 NHL Handicapper (57% +$5969)
#1 WNBA Handicapper (73% +$4028)
#3 NBA Handicapper (54% +$2221)
#5 in NCAAF (55% +$1419)
and #6 in the NFL (54% + $1097)

World Wide Sports is consistently in the top 5 for all sports.

"Consistency is what we strive for in each sport. Do we win every day, week, or month? No. I wish I could say we did. But we do our Due Diligence and put in the necessary hours to win Long Term. And this is what you should expect from a Sports Handicapping Service."

Good Luck and Remember Money Management

-World Wide Sports.
  Tony Stoffo

Tony Stoffo, the former Manager of the Race and Sports Book at the old Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas, has made his living in the sports gambling industry for 30 years.

Starting as a teenager, he ran bets for a local bookmaker on Wall Street for 10 years before moving to Florida to work full-time in the thoroughbred horseracing industry.

In 1989, he started as a sportsbook writer in Las Vegas casinos, working his way up to Manager at the Desert Inn, one of the city’s top 10 Race and Sports Books.

Tony has been a consistent winner, finishing in the top 3 of every sport virtually every single year since 2002 when he was one of the first 5 to join these sites.

Tony still lives in Las Vegas, where over the last several years he has earned the reputation as one of the best sports handicappers in the country, making his exclusive picks available to gamblers via the Internet on the network of VegasTopDogs/3G-VegasGroup.

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