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  Anthony Acosta

"The best kept secret in Sports Investing"

Tony has led a very successful Betting Syndicate down in Costa Rica for the last 13 years. Tony's Syndicate friends have decided to allow him to share some of those winners with us on this site. Tony will be bringing us the high percentage plays that his closed group has profited from for over 13 years. Will he win them all? No, but don't believe anyone that says they can win 75% or better long term.

Tony wins more than he loses.

"You can take that to the Bank!!"
  Ross Benjamin
Ross Benjamin has made his reputation in this industry by being one of the sharpest sports handicappers of the recent decade. In professional sports handicapper Ron Raymond’s published book “50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” he probably says it best. “One of the most underrated handicappers in our industry and probably one of the sharpest ones I know is Ross Benjamin.”

In spite of going public just 11 years ago Ross has been around the sports handicapping industry for the majority of his adult life. Starting at the age of 23 Ross broke into the business by working for one of the biggest bookmakers in Western New York. This laid the foundation that gave Ross the invaluable perspective of how lines are set, line movements, how public perception affects the line, and the uncanny ability to spot value. One of Ross’ often used phrases when speaking publicly is “if you want to be a successful sports handicapper then start by thinking like a bookmaker”. Ross is now 56 years old and has been directly involved in many capacities of the sports gaming industry for the last 31 years. However there is nothing he enjoys more than the challenge of picking winners against the point spread in football and basketball or the money line in baseball.

Ross moved to South Florida in July of 2002, and his since relocated his office to his home town of Rochester, New York in 2010. His stock really sky rocketed publicly after winning the 2003 Playbook Football Wise Guy contest and it has been soaring ever since. Ross swept all 3 categories of the invitational contest that consisted of 45 sports services. Ross walked away with $10,500 in real cash winnings. In the 2012 Invitational Wise Guy Contest Ross finished tied for third out of 79 contestants. Ross was documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma as #1 handicapper in the country on money earned during 2008 March Madness by posting a record of 29-17 (63%). In 2009 he followed that up by posting a rock solid 35-21(62%). In 2007 Ross was also #1 rated handicapper in the country on money earned in the NFL Playoffs as documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma posting a stellar record of 9-2. Those selections included both the side plus the total winners in the Super Bowl on the Giants and under the total. He followed that up by going 6-3 in the 2008 NFL Playoffs. In 2005-2006 Ross was rated the #1 NHL handicapper in North America by one of the most reputable sports monitors on the web BigGuy. At that very same sports monitor in 2005-2006 Ross was rated #2 rated handicapper in the country in the NBA. In the 2003 college football season Ross was documented by as going a remarkable 45-23 (66%). In the 2010-2011 college basketball regular season Ross was #1 in North America as documented by The Sports Watch of Las Vegas posting a record of 116-77 (60.1%). He followed that up with a successful 28-21 (57.1%) 2011 March Madness. His $1000.00 players made a whopping $36,200.00 for the season.

Ross became in high demand by radio stations across the country who valued his expert opinions and analysis of upcoming games. This past football season he was the host of the 2-hour weekly “Ross Benjamin Show” on Sports 1280 WHTK in Rochester, New York. In past football seasons he was heard weekly on radio stations across North America. The stations include KFNS AM 590 "The Fan" in St. Louis, Missouri, WAXY AM 790 ESPN radio Miami, Florida, WHBQ AM 560 Memphis, Tennessee, WHTK AM 1280 Rochester, New York, WJOX AM 690 Birmingham. Alabama, KTIK AM 1350 ESPN radio Boise, Idaho, WJDX AM 620 Jackson, Mississippi, CKST AM 1040 Vancouver, British Columbia (aired during the Jim Rome Show), KTKR AM 760 "The Ticket" San Antonio, Texas, and KZNS AM 1280 "The Zone" Salt Lake City, Utah.

As opposed to many in this industry Ross has an impeccable reputation in operating with the highest degree of ethics, professionalism, and integrity. His handicapping style is not limited to one particular area but is well diversified taking into account numerous factors. As a result Ross is one of the most consistent winners in this industry today and never jeopardizes his integrity to make an extra dollar from a potential client. One conversation with Ross and you will understand the wealth of knowledge, honesty, and integrity that this true professional brings to the table.

  Jimmy Boyd
Jimmy Boyd is one of the most consistent handicappers in the business across football, basketball, and baseball. Boyd’s situational and matchup analysis is second to none and he delivers his thoughts daily in his detailed game reports. This analysis enables his clients to know why he likes the team he is backing.

Boyd is a former collegiate golfer and University of Iowa Law grad that ensures you success in every sport he covers. Jimmy's quality sports selections with game-breaking analysis make him a major force in the handicapping industry for years to come. Here are a few of his top plays:

No Brainer: This is one of Jimmy’s highest rated plays. After reading his write-up on the game you will see why this play’s title is so fitting. These picks are reserved for major mismatch advantages and strong value plays.

Heavy Hitter: Jimmy’s Heavy Hitter plays are backed by a wealth of statistical analysis and fit into one or more of his many winning systems. This is the well-rounded gem of Jimmy’s top plays, and it covers games from every angle.

Vegas Insider: Nobody spots a winning system like Jimmy Boyd. His Vegas Insider label is reserved for plays backed by the strongest systems and trends on the board. Bailout Blowout: There is no better way to end the day than picking up a big win on the final game of the evening. Jimmy’s Bailout Blowouts come on late games and they have built a strong reputation as being a consistent winner.

All of Jimmy’s picks get monitored around the web. Jimmy is one of the very few handicappers that have actually earned the stripes to be regarded as a top Industry player. There are not many handicappers in the industry that can match his long term success rates. Take a look at some of his prior accomplishments:

• #1 – 2007 MLB • #1 – 2008-09 BASKETBALL • #2 – 2008-09 CBB • #3 – 2008-09 NBA • #6 – 2011-12 NBA • #7 – 2009 ALL SPORTS • #9 – 2009-10 NBA • #10 – 2011 MLB • #10 – 2011-12 BASKETBALL • #10 – 2010-11 NBA • #10 – 2012-13 CBB

Jimmy has been so successful because he does not rely on an out-of-the-box handicapping system. There is no magic system that wins consistently. It takes hard work reviewing each matchup from many different angles. Jimmy looks at the psychology of human nature coming into a game, as well as trends and systems that have a proven history of success. He is always on top of the matchup advantages between teams and he utilizes that knowledge to deliver consistent ATS winners over the long term. He invites you to find out for yourself. Climb on board now and start building your bankroll exclusively with Jimmy Boyd!

This former collegiate golfer and University of Iowa Law grad will ensure you success in every sport he covers. Jimmy's quality sports selections with game-breaking analysis make him a major force in the handicapping industry for years to come.

Jimmy is one of the very few handicappers that has actually earned the stripes to be regarded as a top Industry player. He invites you to find out for yourself.

Climb on board NOW and start building your bankroll exclusively with Jimmy Boyd!
  Joe D'Amico
Joe D'Amico owns and operates All American Sports in Las Vegas, Nevada. A third generation Race and Sports personality, his father and grandfather are revered in horse racing industry. Joe started in the business at 10 years old with football sheets in the schoolyard. He is a resident of Las Vegas for 25 years in which he has been in and around sports on a daily basis by working and managing several Las Vegas Sports books and several Sports Information Services. Joe is well known in the Vegas casinos and in joints around the country as a streetwise player that has tapped into exclusive resources unavailable to the general public. He uses connections from Las Vegas, New York, the Islands, along with second to none Sports book sources to maximize profits and minimize expenditures. With Joe, it's all about wins, losses, and solid money management. He is one of the biggest bettors out there. This Legend of the Strip is one of the most respected and highest rated sports gamblers in Las Vegas. When Joe walks into a Vegas Sports book, Casino Managers tremble, but is also affectionately known as "The Host of Last Vegas." D'Amico is featured regularly as an analyst and handicapper in several publications such as the Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the Bloomberg News Report. In 2007, Joe bested nine other well respected veteran ‘Cappers to win the prestigious Las Vegas Review Journal Handicapper's Challenge. Joe also just won the 2010 Review Journal NCAAF Handicappers Challenge Contest besting a slew of other professional 'cappers. He is also featured on dozens of the industries most respected websites. You can hear him throughout the year for all the major sports on several different radio sports and handicapping shows nationally, regionally, and locally. Year in and year out, Joe is always at or near the top in every sports betting category in NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, and MLB. "Mr. D" is so well-respected in Las Vegas that in 2015, he was given the honor of having his own TIPS SHEET endorsed and given out in the Vegas Race & Sports books. Not only that, but in the year 2015, Joe D'Amico was voted as one of Las Vegas' Top-100 Most Influential People and #1 in Sports Gambling. He is known not just in Vegas but around the country as the best BIG PLAY ‘CAPPER in the business. Since being documented over the last few years, Joe D'Amico has over 25 top 5 finishes including several number 1 finishes. Joe has risen to be the best post-season name in sports gambling. Nobody works harder than Joe D'Amico as each season, no matter the time of year, you will always find Joe at the top of the leader boards regardless of the sport. As he says, This isn't what I do, this is who I am." When it comes to making money, there is no one better than Joe D'Amico.
  Miguel DaSilva
The Story

The Student

MD's Story is so unreal and inspiring that he has been asked to be a guest speaker at numerous Colleges, Universities and Business events in his local Ontario. In 2002, at the age of 21, Miguel found himself submersed in University earning his Architecture degree and suddenly the Single parent of 2 Young Daughters. Driven by ambition, he studied, worked and discovered a knack for making some extra money with the local book. He was the first to take notice and quickly employed him as an advisor and thats where it started.

The Businessman

Armed with his degree, Miguel quickly and efficiently set up an extremely successful design firm. Sports betting was still a lucrative hobby. He expanded to a design and build firm, then came real estate. 5 years in, he had literally become a self made man running one of the most successful operations in his region. This afforded him the luxury of alot of extra time, thats when he really began to tweak his systems for individual sports and suddenly realized he was making a lot of extra cash flow

The Capper

in 2010, a small local marketing campaign created what would eventually become Miguels primary job. armed with a few dozen clients he began sending out his picks. and then it happened. MD's Picks slowly began hitting internet forums and social media accounts and it simply blew up. A friend from the UK devised a never before attempted marketing campaign. They set up a small site, hit the forums and informed people that to show everyone MD was the real deal, they would give the first 1000 people a free 6 month all sports service emailed right to them. It took s couple of days to catch on but when it did, it was hammered, and so were the books. Using his unique unit method MD went on to give those people a whopping 433 individual $100 units. He was instantly dubbed "Magic Mike" At the End of the trial MD officially went public and has never looked back. He shares his story to emphasize that no matter how bad it seems, through hard work, Diversity and ambition, ANYONE can be their own success story.


Being New means the resume sometimes looks thin, but were sure this area will fill up very Quickly. The Only sports Miguel has had a full season in to date available online is MLB and the Current WC tournament.

#3 Overall World Cup Soccer 2014 Brazil
#1 MLB Capper 2014 Regular Season
#2 MLB Capper 2014 Playoffs
#1 MLB Champion 2014 Regular Season + Playoffs
#1 MLB Champion 2015 Preseason
#1 NCAAB Capper 2014-15 Conference Play
#1 NCAAB Champion 2014-15 Regular Season
#3 NCAAB Capper 2014-15 Season + Tournament
#2 WNBA Capper 2014 Season
TOP 10 - 2014 NFL Season
TOP 10 - 2013 NFL Season
TOP 10 - 2013 NCAAF Season
TOP 10 - 2014 NCAAF Season
#4 NCAAF 2014 NCAAF Bowl Season
#9 2014 Football Overall (NCAAF+NFL+CFL)
Monthly Top Capper March 2015
  Brad Diamond
Brad Diamond a 39-year veteran of the sports service industry, has had a consistent winning run, including finishing #1 in College Football (95-56) last year and #4 in Football Overall (College and NFL) at the world’s largest sports-betting web site, sports capping. Also, Brad had an incredible 2014 season ranked #1 in Baseball Totals (100-60). Recent Monitored Finishes…The Sports-Watch Monitor: 2015 #8 Baseball (Currently) 2013 #3 NBA Net Wins 2013 #1 NBA Playoffs 2012 #5 College Football 2012 #4 College Football Bowls 2012 #5 NFL Net Wins 2011 #1 College Football Net Wins 2010 #2 NBA Net Wins 2010 #5 College Basketball Net Wins 2010 #1 NFL Net Wins 2009 #5 College Football Net Wins 2009 #1 NBA Net Wins and Percentage Basis 2008 #1 NFL Net Wins 2007 #3 College Football Net Wins 2006 #1 College Football Overall 2006 #2 College Football Bowls 2005 #1 College Football and NFL Net Wins Combined 2005 #1 College Football Bowls Further, Brad captured Championships via the Playbook Football National Wise Guys’ Contest in 1990 and 2004, and has earned hundreds of handicapping awards overall. Brad was the first to teach a college course in "Sports Analysis"? outside the state of Nevada. He is a 23-year radio voice heard in Las Vegas, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New Jersey. Also, Brad has been a guest on many shows via the USA, ESPN, Sirius and XM networks. He has penned the longest running daily sports-betting column in the country, written by the same author, over 33-years in publication. Brad is a long-time analyst of SEC sports and has many contacts in the south to assure continued success in that region. In addition, the Brad Diamond Eastern Edge focus in football and basketball has been the earmark of a very successful career. The late great Las Vegas odds-maker Sonny Reizner called Brad, "a true eastern wise guy". For your very best chance of winning this season, sign on now for one of Brad’s discounted email packages @ 702-786-7662.
  Matt Fargo
With over 16 years of sports handicapping experience, my analysis, information and expert picks give you what you want.... winners! I’m not here claiming to be undefeated over the last 10 years and I’m not going to fill your head with any useless inside information, because it doesn't exist. I do my homework plain and simple and come up with the plays that give us the best chance of winning. When you win, we win. You will see that our angles, statistical analysis and handicapping approaches will make you a consistent winner. One of the most drawn on adages in sports handicapping is that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I cannot agree more. Consistency over the long haul is what every sports bettor should be interested in and that is what I provide. When the winning days outnumber the losing days by a large margin, I must be doing something right. Keep three things in mind when looking for sports service - Consistency, Honesty, and Integrity. You've found all three right here!
  Jim Feist
Jim Feist is the recognized leader in the sports information and sports gaming industry. For more than 30 years his acclaim has become unparalleled, with numerous wins in prestigious handicapping contests. His other endeavors include websites that provide sports information worldwide. Feist is the principal panelist on PRO LINE, America's premier handicapping television show on the USA Cable Network. Year in, year out, Jim sets the standard for all other handicappers to gauge their own success. Experience, knowledge, and a limitless number of contacts and sources throughout the country make Jim the undisputed champion in sports handicapping. For sports information there's only one person to turn to: Jim Feist.
  Mark Franco
Mark Franco helped start VegasInsider in 1997 and has worked with some of the most well respected handicappers in the Nation including Russ Culver, Mike Lee and Ken White. Mark said “I learned so much valuable information from those guys on how to do your research and how to have money management skills. Learning how to be selective and not play every game”. Mark’s career took him to the great city of Las Vegas back in 2000 and he has made a great name for himself ever since in the eyes of other handicappers and sportsbook directors. Mark Franco beat the books in the 2003 NFL season on his way to a fifth-place finish in the Hilton SuperContest the most respected and prestigious football contest in the country. For the year, Franco had a 76-57 record for a 57 percent clip, netting "dime players" with $13,500 of profit. Franco writes for several print and online gaming publications including the Las Vegas Review Journal, covering line moves and value in the lines. He views as many games as he can from his Las Vegas office and also relies on the Internet to break down every game. Mark makes his own lines for pro sports and has an eye for finding value in and between the lines. Franco is a regular participant in many of Las Vegas' handicapping contests. He was one of 16 handicappers who participated in the invitation only 2004 Stardust Invitational. He has hosted his own daily radio handicapping show and frequently appears on many local and national shows where his expertise is eagerly sought.
  Robbie Gainous
Robbie Gainous success has come from hard work and dedication including mastery of the Sports Data Query Language (SDQL). For more than two decades Robbie has consistently provided his clients with winning selections in all major sports. To attain this type of success there are no short cuts you must have the time and resources to make your clients long term winners. Our goals and beliefs are the same today as the first day we opened for business in 1989; we believe “Success is where Preparation meets Opportunity”.
  Tony George
Tony George, President and CEO of Tony George Sports and is one of the most consistent and most respected handicappers in the sports gaming world. He also is a national radio host on Yahoo Sports Radio. Based in Kansas City, MO, formerly of Lincoln ,NE, George started his business in 1992 with the idea that sports handicapping shouldn't be exempt from ethical conduct. George's full-time firm dedicates itself solely to winning and places expectations high. His first big break came in 1991, when he won a small contest at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas after one of the Binion's - one of Las Vegas' most famous families - encouraged him to enter. Soon other players started to inquire about his picks. George began his phone service (Not a boiler room!) and soon after he found himself in the top ten of Jack Stewart's Sportswatch, one of the first handicapper monitoring services. Tony became one of the first cappers to sell a play on the Internet when he set up online in 1995. Tony has been or is a contributor to numerous large gaming portals such as Covers, Covers Experts, Locksmith Sports, Gambling 911, Rants Sports, Sports Capping, Yahoo Sports, The Sports Network, Pregame and Pregame Pros, Bang the Book, Playbook and Sports Chat Place to name a few. But radio and mass media is what sets George apart from most handicappers. He's appeared on several radio shows including CBS Sports By Line, Vegas Sportswire, Armed Forces Radio, A regular guest on The Diehards with Anthony Peppe, Peter Brown on Yahoo Sports Radio, Sirrius Channel 92 , and he hosted the Tony George show on ESPN in Lincoln, NE (1998 to 2006), plus other regional markets on College Gameday with Dave Revsion and Mel Kyper. He was co-host of a nightly talk show on ESPN - The Average Joe Sports Show in Lincoln NE for 5 years. In 2013 Tony began a 3 year contract with Yahoo Sports Radio for the Locker Room Picks Radio Show each week and is archived on his Tony George Sports Site - Every Sat and Sun morning from 10-11 AM EST starting August 22, 2015 it kicks off as the The Tony George Show. Ultimately it's the results that keep the players coming back and George - who picks the pro games - boasts some of the most impressive numbers in the business. ALL PODCASTS CAN BE FOUND ON THE YAHOO SPORTS RADIO APP on Smartphones. His firm, which has been ranked in the top 10 in different sports 58 times at different sports monitors since 1996 and he won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge in the NFL in 2003, placed 6th in the Golden Nugget contest in Vegas in 2005, and placed 4th in the Reserve Casino Contest in Vegas in 2002. Tony also placed in the top 2 at the Stardust World Series of Poker qualifier in 2006 and played in the main event of the WSOP, furthering his gambling prowess. Tony was the #1 handicapper at Sports Watch in 2014 for March Madness with a 34-12 record. 73% ATS documented. Tony won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge in 2004 going 52-17 ATS in the NFL for the entire season and went 68% in CFB the same year for a 2nd place finish there as well. Money management is important to George, who unit rates every game to ensure even the novice sports bettor has a way to maximize profits and minimize losses. George uses situational analysis and power numbers in a system that has proven to be very consistent. On moneyline wagers Tony never lays more than -150 on any selection. A hassle free approach with 23 years of experience and an outstanding reputation, George offers proven results for all who invest in his wares.
  Brian Hay
Brian Hay
CEO of Prophet Plays

Brian has decided to take his plays public after years of being only available to private clients. Customers can find all his releases in MLB, Pro and College Football, and Pro and College Basketball right here.

Brian offers you over 20 years of professional sports gambling experience. Brian uses the perfect blend of emotional, statistical, technical, and match up analysis to make every play before he releases them to his customers.

Brian's customers will always get experience, professionalism, and a top notch effort. He believes in a long term approach to sports gambling.

Sports betting is a marathon not a sprint. There are no get-rich quick schemes. Any game can and will lose in almost unimaginable ways. No matter how great a handicapper is, there will be losing days. If you believe in "Fixed Games", "Inside Information", and 80% to 90% winners for a season, you need to put a sports schedule under your pillow every night and let the Tooth Fairy fill in your winners, you already live in "LA LA LAND".

You will have to maintain self discipline...meaning you have to stick to your plan. Brian knows that by sticking to tried and true handicapping techniques he and his clients will be well ahead by the end of each season.

His plays are rated 10*-15*-20*-25*.

Brian's 25* play is without question the strongest release you will ever be able to purchase.
This is one of the most sought after plays in sports wagering!.

  David Hess
Been handicapping for over 20 years and now the opportunity has presented itself for me to take it to the next level. I have always had a fascination with numbers and sports, so I combined the two to become a handicapper, which has been a goal for a long time. I also like writing and blogging as well, which works out nicely for this business. How do I make my picks? Hard work and pouring over all the stats. Im not really big into the sabermetrics, but I do follow them some. I do a lot of manual logging in, plus I get tons of info around the web. Rest assured that each play is very well researched. What to expect from me? Hard work and dedication to the task at hand and that is bringing you a steady floe of winners each and every day. All plays are well researched from some of the best info around the Internet. The work has been definitely put in so you don't have to do it. I have meany years of experience and I am very thorough and confident in making my selections.
  Sean Higgs
Sean Higgs has been crushing 'The Man' since the early '90s. If you are trying to beat the sportsbooks with stats, trends, and angles you are not going to have a lot of success if you do not know how to apply them. That is Sean Higgs' specialty. If you follow Sean's advice by playing his selections you are going to find yourself making a decent second income from gambling.

Vegas' Best Handicapping Secret

He doesn't place bets just because a game is on TV or invovles high profile teams. He shoots for value. If you are working full-time, have a family, or have other interests then you can't possibly put in the time required to win at sports-betting .

Consistant Winning Record

Year in, and Year out, 'Mr. Money' grinds out a profit. Higgs isn't in this for the thrill of some big wins, Sean wins consistantly, throughout the year.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, hop on board with Sean Higgs and start cashing NOW

  Michael Hillin
I'm from West Texas. I moved to Las Vegas in 1994. I have been handicapping sports for 40 plus years. I retired from American Airlines in 2011 after 25 years. I played football on the 1977 Missouri Valley Conference Championship team, West Texas State University. I have also worked at several sports books in Las Vegas and know what it takes to win. I have a book published called the Las Vegas Linemaker. This is the tenth year it's been out. The book enables you to make your own line and update it each week. This will allow you to get a better line on a game before it makes it's move.
  Kyle Hunter
Kyle Hunter is a handicapper with a great amount of experience breaking down the game in every single manner possible. A degree in finance and a great ability to follow important trends and statistics set him apart from the rest. The data and the trends are your friend and Kyle knows how to use them. In 2010, Kyle finished in the top spot out of 75 handicappers in an annual handicapping contest. Bettors who wagered $1,000 on every single release of his in 2010 finished with a profit of $93,000 for the year! Totals are Kyle's specialty, so look for a lot of winning totals picks from NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and the NFL.
  Kelly In Vegas
Here are some other things you might want to know about me… •Best Sports Moment: 1997 Fiesta Bowl, solidified my love for football. •Worst Sports Moment: 1998 Big XII Championship Game •Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos & Kansas State Wildcats •Best Winning Bet: 85/1 3-team money line parlay •Worst Bad Beat: UNC vs. Louisville, when UNC went for a 2-point conversion for absolutely no reason but to ruin the cover. Not to mention, Louisville had a 29-point halftime lead. •Best Restaurant: N9ne Steak House •Best Club: Hyde •Favorite Music/Bands: Country Music •Favorite Thing About Vegas: Legalized sports betting •Favorite Travel Destinations: I love to travel. Thus far it’s a three-way tie between Aruba, Kauai and the Dominican Republic.
  Chris Jacobson
Chris Jacobson of Jacobson Sports has 15+ years experience beating the sports books and is confident he will get you on the same path of winning. Chris has spent many years perfecting his craft and looks for the trends & angles to come out with the winning edge. Find out what thousands already know and get on board with Chris to build your bankroll. Stop gambling and start investing with Jacobson Sports. Chris follows a strict money management system which is based on a 2-5* system with the occasional 7* selection which is along the lines of a Game of the Year. Chris doesn't make any outlandish claims and won't nail every play but follow Chris and you will find your bankroll growing. Sign up today and start winning.
  Tommy King
Tommy “TK” King of TKwins is one of the most successful and respected handicappers in the country. Tommy King founded TKwins in early 1994 as a source to provide winning sports gaming information. Throughout the years, his knowledge and expertise have created one of the most successful handicapping systems in the world. And his 20+ year track record assures success for you now and in the future. Why use Tommy King? There are many good reasons to choose Tommy King as your source for winning sports information. Two stand out: 1. Consistency - For over 20 years, TK has provided his clients with a high WIN vs. LOSS ratio. He doesn't win every game, but he win's more then he lose's. 2. Money Management - The reason we win at a consistent rate, is we manage our bankroll. Rating our games in units. Follow the ratings and you will show a net profit!
  Dana Lane
In 1992, the United States Air Force brought me from upstate New York to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas to continue my four-year commitment which I now view as fate. I spent many weekends in the Vegas sports books, fueling my desire to be a professional sports handicapper — a desire planted in me at a young age while betting quarters on Yankees games with my grandmother.

People wanted to share how they could help me win big. I would observe, listen, learn, and listen some more. I have spent years trying to understand the psychology of gambling and the people it consumes; I learned quickly of the figureheads and self-promoters of the city’s major handicapping services, most claiming to have “insider information.” Through failure, I learned there are people who want nothing more than to steal society’s money, and sell a dream of winning big using their “inside information.” The problem: Their information is nothing more than a dart board in the back office, or a quarter on the desk. My favorite is the handicapping services’ that give out both sides of a sporting event, knowing they will make at least 50 percent of their client base happy.

I would use my love of sports, numbers, and discipline to be better.

I became passionate about educating others. I not only wanted to help people win, I wanted to make a difference. I owe it to my daughter to practice what I preach. You see, I truly believe that professional handicapping should be just that: professional. To me, it is about caring and keeping my word. Wagering is so much more than statistics, and wins and losses. Wagering is a world of money management, discipline, work ethic, and yes, perhaps a little luck.

By utilizing these tools, I believe that I have become the best handicapper in the world.

That’s not an arrogant statement. It’s what I believe and I haven’t yet been proven wrong. If I find someone better they will be working alongside me in 2014.

I’ve appeared on FOX Sports Radio 920 Las Vegas with Michael Campanella (“Vegas Wise”), ESPN Radio 1100 Las Vegas (“The Vegas Sportsline”) with Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans and Sportsxradio 720 KDWN Las Vegas with Ken Thomson, KDWN 1100 with Jorge Gonzalez (Vegas Wise), KNPR, Los Angeles, and CBS Sports radio 1100, Las Vegas (Over and Under Show).

I’ve also hosted and co-hosted sports shows during my 21 years in Las Vegas on 840 KVEG (“I Love Baseball,”, “The Sports Party”), 1140 KRLV (“The Dana Lane Show”), and 720 KDWN (“Stardust Line”). I’m consistently featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s “Hot Corner” and have been subject matter for Las Vegas Review-Journal sports writers Ron Kantowski , Todd Dewey, and LVRJ columnist John L. Smith.

I have worked for UNLV, the Las Vegas Stars of the Pacific Coast League, the Las Vegas Thunder of the International Hockey League, the Utica Devils of the American Hockey League; I have been a high school football stringer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and have broadcast junior college basketball in Herkimer, New York.

This is what I will do for you.

I will never abuse your trust. I will be honest without unreasonable claims or promises you that you will change your life with a “500 unit bomb”. But if you manage your money and wager the way I tell you, I will increase your bankroll.

I invite you to come back to this site daily. As we grow, the site will feature statistics and trends and my personal record, in the history section.

So that’s a little bit about me. I would like to invite you to work with me. Together we will develop a winning strategy that will help you accomplish your goals.
  Mike Lundin
A former poker pro, Mike is one of the brightest up and coming cappers on the Planet. He may not be a household name yet, but with his results it's only a matter of time. His experience as a professional poker player has proven to be an immeasurable asset in sports handicapping. He's a numbers guy, with a keen eye for spotting trends and stats that just don't jive with the odds offered by the sportsbooks. Mike bets on all the major North American sports, but specializes in soccer, baseball and ice hockey. He made a name for himself with his picks on the World Cup in Brazil 2014, and has not looked back since. There is no better time that RIGHT NOW to jump on board with this rising star in the sports handicapping industry.
  Scott Matthews
Let 28 Years of Sports Investing/Handicapping Experience Work for You Daily! Scott Matthews has long been one of the most trusted and powerful names in the sports handicapping industry. He has built into a mega service that the public can connect with his knowledge and resources he’s put together over the past 28 years. Scott Matthews is a consummate professional who started in the sports industry as a young man in 1987. Presently bringing nearly three decades of experience to the table. This type of experience is very rare to find and plays a pivotal role in producing winning results on a consistent basis for his clients. Keeping his clients and their bankrolls on the positive side. This acquired wisdom is used daily to personally money manage clients that are serious about Quality vs. Quantity plays. Serious players are always managed 1-on-1 by Scott Matthews personally to show the commitment, dedication, and discipline it takes to build strong bankrolls. Scott Matthews, a proven winner, separates himself from the average everyday handicapper. He is known to put in over 75 hour work weeks in with his network stretching over the sports Investing community. Breaking down hundreds games per week to come up with his top selections throughout the week. Looking at every angle of all match ups to get that winning edge on plays being released on a daily basis. Scott Matthews specializes in all major sports: NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA and College Basketball. It’s no secret that Scott Matthews hard work and commitment to winning makes him one of the top people in this industry. Join now and let him prove it to you!
  'Razor' Ray Monohon
***THE MOST SELECTIVE CAPPER ON THE NETWORK*** Known in the in online gambling industry as "The Razor" - Ray Monohan. The Senior Handicapper A "sharp" 40 something year old handicapper and statistical geek by day, proud father of 2 by night. Ray got his feet wet working for a MAJOR offshore sportsbook in Antigua from 1996-2001, this was the stepping stone Ray needed to achieve his eventual dream of running a sports gambling and information website in the online sportsbook industry. Now in 2015 (Over 11+ yrs) Ray Monohan is the President, Co-Founder and Senior Handicapper. A Masters Degree in statistics to go with a self-proclaimed Hockey and Football betting addiction, Ray bets on all the games he provides to his clients. Ray has been picking games privately, and in several handicapping competitions since 1988. Ray has developed his own sports betting systems that are truly cutting-edge. These systems apply to NFL, College Football, NBA, NCAAB, MLB and the NHL.
  T J Pemberton
Professional - Honest - Hard Working - Winning! TJ Pemberton is considered one of the Nation's best up and coming handicappers. TJ like many professional handicappers has been involved with sports, betting and numbers since a very young age. In 2012 he was noticed in various forums and monitors and has brought his expertise to some of the best handicapping sites on the web. I think it is an honor to work alongside some of the legends in the industry. My goal is to follow in some of the paths of the greats. I take pride in being disciplined and having great money management skills. I have a winning attitude and do not taking losing lightly. I can beat the books and I will. I am all about long term client relationships. No false advertising, No outbound phone calls, No pressure. Just winning and staying focused to cash in. I recommend and take a flat bet wagering approach. Wager only 3-5% per game unless noted otherwise.
  Brandon Shively
I am a hard core sports fanatic with over 14 years of experience in the world of sports wagering. I have mastered a wide arsenal of handicapping techniques which provide my clients with winning picks. A contrarian by nature, I specialize in underdogs. It is my belief that using only one style of handicapping can be detrimental to one’s bankroll. I use technical and fundamental analysis and key situational factors to arrive at my selections. I provide detailed analysis of all my picks that are being released also so you can understand why we are on the 'correct' side of a game before it starts. Because I am human I have losing days; however I consistently have winning weeks and more importantly, winning months. I also was a 'book' for 8 years and have a huge advantage in understanding line movements and being able to decipher these line movements and consistently beat the 'books' today. Being a firm believer in money management, I advise my clients to play all of my picks for the same amount (5%) unless I advise them to double up from the standard bet. Every pick I release I am betting myself. When you lose, I lose and I do not take this lightly. I am as competitive and determined as anyone you will meet, and it is those traits that strengthen my success in the world of sports information. If you are in need of a quick winner to get back on track or looking to make a nice long term profit, I AM the guy for you. I am a disciplined low volume capper that will help you fatten your pockets daily, weekly, and most importantly month after month.
  TnT Shot Caller
Well I started doing sports betting when I was in college back in the early 90's. I use to bet the football parlay cards at work and was one of the only ones winning weekly. When I came to CA I was introduced to Vegas Sports Betting and I realized I had a talent for analyzing the games. In 2004 I went 44-5 for the season which everyone thought was unreal until I did it again in 2005. After a few years of making money I was invited to be the co-host of a online radio talk show called Cocktail with Tash Walker on LA Talk Live ( At the end of my radio show I would give the picks away for free and made a lot of people a lot of $$$... In fact one week I was perfect against the spread for Sunday ticket and last season I had a few weeks where I averaged over 85% winning picks against the spread. Here are two links for starters to checkout about from my sports analyst radio show:
  Carolina Sports
In August of 2015 it will begin Michael Blake's 21st year as a professional handicapper and selling his knowledge and information to the public. He takes pride in honesty and quality of his selections. He uses extensive situational research and back that with fundamental philosophies to create his selections. If a game does not make the grade then he will not release it. He has won numerous #1 titles, including being the 1998 COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPION (The Sports Monitor) 2002 OVERALL TOP FOOTBALL HANDICAPPER (The Sports Monitor), 2010 OVERALL COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPION (several sites) 2008 NFLX CHAMPION (The Sports Monitor) 2011 NFL Top 5 Handicapper (The Sports Monitor and several sites) Over 30 top 10 finishes combined. With his knowledge of the business and contacts all over the country and off-shore Michael Blake continues to be a force in the sports handicapping business and will be for many years to come.
  Chris James Sports
Chris James Sports is an honest and reliable sports handicapper. Let me say that again.....honest and reliable! Those two words are very important to me, and they should be to you too if your looking for sports information. I've been around this business for a long time and I've connected with a lot of people in this industry and I use those contacts to provide winning information to my clients!! I will not win for you every day. I will not win every week. I will not win every month. But I will win for you consistently over the long term, and in this business that's what it's about. Don't let anyone sell you hopes and dreams, and game of years and decades and centuries, and they don't come through for you, all while taking your hard earned money. I stand by my work! That's because I'm on every game with you! I only release plays that I personally play! I would never ask someone to risk their hard earned money if I wasn't willing to do it with them! So if you like what you hear, and more importantly what you see (results) join Chris James Sports!
  Rocketman Sports
Rocky Atkinson from Rocketman Sports has been handicapping since 1996. During that time we have had several #1 finishes in various sports and numerous Top 5 and Top 10 finishes at several monitors. Consistency is the name of the game and we do it well. We handicap NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, NHL, MLB and Nascar currently. Rocketman is known for honesty, integrity, hard work, and plain out just winning money for his long term clients. Money management is one of the KEY Ingredients to winning. We finished #2 in the Prestigious Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest in 2003 winning $83,300 with our team of cappers. Here are our results broken down by sport since we started capping back in 1996. CFB (10 of 11 winning years in College Football including documented #1 in 2002 hitting 62%! NFL (7 of 11 winning NFL Seasons including 68% in 2006-2007) NBA (10 of 11 winning overall NBA Seasons including 11 straight winning NBA Regular seasons) CBB (8 of 11 winning CBB Seasons) NHL (9 of 10 winning NHL Seasons) MLB (7 of 11 winning MLB Seasons) NASCAR (5 of 6 winning seasons!!) We invite you to join us daily on this site and experience the thrill of winning consistently!!! Rocky started Rocketman Sports with the vision of making his clients money on a long term basis year in and year out. We feel strongly we are one of the best overall handicappers in the world today. One of our slogans is to "STOP GAMBLING AND START INVESTING!" Also remember that wagering on sports is a MARATHON NOT A SPRINT. We may lose some of the sprints but its the marathon that really counts. Don't feel like you have to play every single day because sometimes its better to simply take a pass and wait on something better to come along the next day.
  World Wide Sports

Won the coveted Title of #1 Overall Handicapper, banking $33,259 for his $100 Clients in 2014. A few other accolades of this record shattering year saw World Wide Sports end 2014 as the....

#1 MLB Handicapper (55% +$8048)
#1 NCAAB Handicapper (56% +$4651)
#1 NHL Handicapper (57% +$5969)
#1 WNBA Handicapper (73% +$4028)
#3 NBA Handicapper (54% +$2221)
#5 in NCAAF (55% +$1419)
and #6 in the NFL (54% + $1097)

World Wide Sports is consistently in the top 5 for all sports.

"Consistency is what we strive for in each sport. Do we win every day, week, or month? No. I wish I could say we did. But we do our Due Diligence and put in the necessary hours to win Long Term. And this is what you should expect from a Sports Handicapping Service."

Good Luck and Remember Money Management

-World Wide Sports.
  Tony Stoffo

Tony Stoffo, the former Manager of the Race and Sports Book at the old Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas, has made his living in the sports gambling industry for 30 years.

Starting as a teenager, he ran bets for a local bookmaker on Wall Street for 10 years before moving to Florida to work full-time in the thoroughbred horseracing industry.

In 1989, he started as a sportsbook writer in Las Vegas casinos, working his way up to Manager at the Desert Inn, one of the city’s top 10 Race and Sports Books.

Tony has been a consistent winner, finishing in the top 3 of every sport virtually every single year since 2002 when he was one of the first 5 to join these sites.

Tony still lives in Las Vegas, where over the last several years he has earned the reputation as one of the best sports handicappers in the country, making his exclusive picks available to gamblers via the Internet on the Network of Handicappers' Stable.
  Johnny Wynn
Welcome to Johnny Wynn's handicapper page. Johnny Wynn has become the premier Sports Handicapper in the world for serious sports bettors. He has established a reputation of honesty, loyalty, respect and dedication all across the country. He is distinguished as one of the best sports handicapping services in America because of his unique ability to pick winners on a consistent basis and our incredible knowledge in sports. Make some serious money today with our leading sports handicapper Johnny Wynn! He has numerous top 5 finishes in all three major sports. All games are rated 8*, 9*, and 10* (TOP-PLAY), 20* Game of the Year (on selective plays). Also, no one gets information like Johnny Wynn from the sharps in Vegas and overseas. His 'TOP-INFORMATIONAL PLAYS' are games that no bettor should miss. These are plays that you can move serious cash on. These plays are from the sharps in Vegas that are moving a substantial amount of money on. All clients should never miss 1 of these games from Johnny Wynn. Johnny Wynn's PERSONAL BEST TOP-PLAYS are games that no should ever miss as well. He is considered one of the greatest big game handicappers and has been for several years!

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